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Post Info TOPIC: Causes of Settlement of Cylinder of Excavator and Its Solution

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Causes of Settlement of Cylinder of Excavator and Its Solution

The so-called cylinder rod crawling is in the excavator off the engine, in this static, the cylinder rod will produce a certain displacement.

Excavator cylinder rod of the crawl, which excavator drivers, the more common, more gratifying; evening to work, and digging machine arm position did not stop, tomorrow morning machine a look and found the size of arm position sank, I feel this machine has failed.

In fact, each excavator factory, the crawling indicators have a certain amount of standard, the ideal state is best not to crawl, and the actual production process, it is difficult to achieve, thus setting the "standard upper and lower limits", only when The "crawl" exceeds the upper and lower limits, the excavator can only be identified with the failure. Of course, all manufacturers have the limit of the manufacturers standards, different, is the size of the arm, bucket cylinder rod are not the same.

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